Arches National Park Utah | Step-by-step guide for beginners

Arches National Park is one of the masterpieces of nature located in southeastern Utah, the United States of America.

This place is one of the most beautiful places in Utah. The specifications of this park made it more glorious and attractive. Arches National Park consists of approximately 2000 arches.

The sandstone formation in the shadows of red, pink, and orange makes it more attractive for visitors. To freshen your soul, you must visit these trails and look at the beautiful sight of nature. And feel the excellent thoughts on your inside. These arches feel proud of the land of turns in the world.

The power of nature makes these arches. The sky also shows lovely scenery here. These arches also invite the world’s people to see these manifestations of the beautiful wonders of nature.

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Complete information about Arches National Park

Map of Arches National Park, Moab, Utah


Arches National Park

Highway 191, 5 miles north of Moab, Utah 84532, United States

Park information

Arches National Park Utah
Arches National Park Utah

According to:

Park area: The total area of Arches National Park is 76,679 acres.

Total arches: Approximately more than 2000 arches in this park.

Opening and closing time:

The park remains open throughout the year, but its hours are reduced during winter (November 27 to February 25). The visitors center is open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

The visitor center is closed on December 25.


Camping is available in Arches National Park. The campground is located 18 miles from the park entrance and is surrounded by stunning rock formations.


You can hike in different arches like the Delicate Arch Trail, Devil’s Garden Trail, Land Arch Trail, Devil’s Garden, Park Avenue, Double Arch Trail, Balanced Rock, Windows Trail, Fiery Furnace Broken Arch, etc.

Scenic drive:

There is a 19-mile road that allows you to stunning views of the surroundings.

Along the way, several viewpoints exist, such as Park Avenue, View Point, and the Balanced Rock viewpoint. You can also enjoy these viewpoints through this scenic drive.


Arches National Park is a paradise for photographers for its stunning rock formations, arches, and unique geological features. Some of the best places to take photos include the Window Section, the Fiery Furnace, and the Delicate Arch.

Park Guidelines

Here are some guidelines for the beginners :


Climbing, scrambling, walking, or standing rappelling off any or standing upon any arch opening

Exceeding three feet is prohibited in the park.


To go backpacking in arches, you must have a free backcountry permit at the visitor center. For this, the maximum group is allowed 7, and the smaller group is recommended for the fewer effects.


For canyoneering, you will need to consult with Park authorities. It is the responsibility of all canyoneers to know and obey the rules and regulations of the park.


Using firearms is not allowed in the park. However, you can use firearms. Local laws may legally possess firearms laws in this park.


Motorcycles are only allowed on park roads. Remember that it should be licensed for interstate travel.

Off-highway vehicles

Off-highway vehicles (ATVs, UTVs, OHVs) are prohibited in Arches National Park.

Avoid crowds

Always come early in the morning to avoid crowds and difficulties you can face because of crowed. Always choose the perfect time to prevent the public, and then you can take ideal advantage of the hiking. Morning time is recommended for everyone who wants to come here.

Stay Hydrate

The most important factor is water in this park; you must bring water. You may have yet to find plenty of water here. So, for the best hiking practice, you need to hydrate.

Weather effects

To avoid weather effects, bring sunscreen caps and warm clothes in winter for the best hikes.

Share your plane

If you’re heading into less-traveled areas, you need to inform someone. It can be helpful for you to avoid difficulties.

Pack essentials

Bring food, GPS devices, maps or compasses, a first aid kit, and flesh even for a day’s hikes.

Cell services can be limited in some areas.

Respect wildlife

Park has many types of animals, like mammals, birds, and insects. Ensure the safety of their species. Do not disturb their natural environment.

Follow park marking

You should follow the guidelines and park markings for the best trail experience. This way, you can take advantage of the best hikes. Park markings will help you find everything that you need in the park.

How to choose the perfect time and trail for hiking Arches National Park

You can choose a perfect trail according to the following criteria


Before visiting Arches National Park, you must know everything about the park. You need to collect a lot of information about this park. For your search, you can order this information from different resources, such as Google, YouTube, Bing, Wikipedia, chat GPT, and other platforms.

So in this way, you learn what you want to know about the park.

Time Interset

You can also plan your visit according to your time interest.

For example, The best time for hiking in this park is the cooler months, from late September to early April. During this period, the temperature is moderate and comfortable for hiking. And the best time to explore the park’s full potential is early morning. However, you can plan according to your ease of access.

Weather conditions

Weather is also an essential factor in planning a trip to this park.

Here, we are monitoring the yearly temperature Of the Park.

  • Spring (March to May): The daytime temperature in spring is 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Summer (June to August) Daytime temperature in summer often exceeds 100°F.
  • Autumn (September to October): The daytime temperature in fall is 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Winter (December to February): The daytime temperature in winter is 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, you need to know about the weather forecast before visiting here.

You can also check Arches National Park weather.


The park tends to be busier during the spring and fall, but if you prefer a quieter experience, you must visit the off-peak months, such as winters (excluding holiday periods).

Trail conditions

It is one of the significant factors involved in hiking. You can choose the best trail according to the following criteria.

Trail difficulty

Some trails in the park are challenging, and some are easy to access. You can choose according to your health, fitness, and hiking experience.

Trail length

Some trails are incredibly short and can be completed within an hour or two, while some courses are long, which might take half a day or longer.

So you can choose according to the time you have available.

Terrain and Elevation

You can also choose your trail by considering trail terrain and elevation. Some courses may have steep climbs, rocky paths, or uneven surfaces. Ensure your physical conditions and footwear match the trail surface.

Trail marking and Maps

Choose the trails with perfect marking and map guides to easily find your hiking routes.

Personal Preferences

You can find out the best trails according to your interests. Some courses may be challenging, and some are easy to access, depending on your skills and interests. Some people like the rugged trails, and some like easy ones for physical fitness. Some are for families and easy for kids.

However, you can choose according to your needs.

LocationArches National Park, Highway 191, 5 miles north of Moab, Utah 84532, United States
Area76,679 acres
Number of ArchesApproximately 2000+ arches
HoursOpen year-round, visitor center open 9AM – 4PM daily (closed Dec 25)
CampingAvailable, campground located 18 miles from park entrance
HikingVariety of hikes available, from easy to difficult terrain. Popular hikes include Delicate Arch, Devil’s Garden, Park Avenue, Windows Trail.
Scenic Drive19-mile road with viewpoints like Park Avenue, View Point, Balanced Rock.
GuidelinesFollow all park rules and markings. Get permits for backpacking/canyoneering. No firearms allowed. Stay on trails and respect wildlife.
Best Time to VisitCooler months from September-April for moderate temps and fewer crowds. Spring/Fall have more visitors.
What to BringProper footwear, layers for changing temps, sun protection, flashlight, water, snacks/meals, first aid kit.
TipsCheck weather, arrive early to beat crowds, respect park/wildlife, pack essentials like water and map, know your hiking limits.

7 Most Favourite Trails in Arches National Park

Here are the complete list and guidelines of popular trails for hikes

1. Delicate Arch Trail

Delicate Arch Trail
Delicate Arch Trail

This arch undoubtedly is one of the most famous trails in Arches National Park. This arch is admitted to be the symbol of the state of Utah. Delicate arch trail standing on a red stone in the shape of u upside down. This arch is a reception arch in Arches National Park. You can see the mountains covered with snow, a vast desert, and a light blue sky from the delicate arch trail. At sunset, when the sunlight falls on this arch, this arch presents a spectacular sight. You will see this arch crowdy throughout the year.

Basic information about this trail

Length: 5.1 km round trip

Elevation Gain: 192 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Time to Hike: 1 h 35 min

Pets: Not allowed

Get Directions

Features: Kid friendly | Hiking | Partially paved | Views | Wildflowers | Wildlife | Rocky | No shade | Fee | No dogs

Who can hike on this trail?

Although this hike is challenging because of its steep and rocky section and is considered moderate, Varying skill-level hikers can hike on this trail. For example, elders, kids, and families can walk in this arch.

Best time to hike

The best time to hike in this arch is in more excellent parts of the day, like morning and evening. You will get comfortable now, especially during the hot seasons. For hiking, you will also get different benefits like beautiful lighting conditions for photography and enhancing the stunning scenic views of sunrise and sunset.

What is special in delicate arch trails?

This arch has a lot of specialties, like stunning natural beauty, rock formation structure, a sign of Utah, and the best opportunities for photography, but the most liked thing is the sunset scene of this arch, which is the most beautiful seen here.

2. Avenue Park trail

Avenue Park trail
Avenue Park trail

This park has an unbelievable geological formation. “Courthouse Tower” and the “Tower of Babel” make it more glorious and attractive. This trail is one of the wonders of nature. When you pass this trail, you will feel like someone is walking under the vast buildings of stones, and You will be amazed to see this trail. In this trail, rocks have presented their different shapes, which look like huge buildings appearing on the top of the valley.

This park is an attractive place for hikers and nature lovers. Sunshine and sunset are worth seeing views. When light passes through stones in the morning and evening, it feels like the light is moving the rock’s formation.

Basic information

Length: 2.9 km 

Elevation gain: 91 m

Difficulty: easy

Time to hike: 50 min

Pets: Not allowed

Get Directions

Features: Kid friendly | Hiking | Walking | Running | Views | Wildflowers | Wildlife | Fee

Who can hike on this arch?

This trail is comfortable for everyone. It  is the short trail; you can complete it in just 50 minutes. However, some visitors might find certain sections challenging due to uneven terrain or moderate elevation changes. This hike is accessible to every elder, kid, and family.

Best time to hike

As mentioned above, morning and evening are the best times to hike in the hot season. To avoid crowds, you must visit this place in winter.

What is unique about  Avenue Trail?

The unique thing about the trail is that when you hike on it, you will feel like you are walking under a massive stone building.

3. Broken arch trail

Broken arch trail
Broken arch trail

The broken structure of this arch makes it exciting and extraordinary compared to the other arche.

Which gives it a unique look? It is situated in an area of the devil’s garden, which inspires people with its natural look. This arch is easy for hikers to access. In the case of a broken angle, people can also explore the surrounding beautiful desert. It also gives a scenic view for the photography.

Basic information

Trail length: 2.7 km

Elevation gain: 51 m

Difficulty: Easy

Pets: Not allowed

Est. Time: 51 m

Get Directions

Features: Kid-friendly | Hiking | Walking | Views | Wildflowers | Fee 

Who can hike on this trail?

Most hikers, including children and families, can hike this trail comfortably. However, other things for trails depend on hiking skills and physical fitness.

What is unique in Broken Arch Trails?

 The name broken makes it different from the other arches. However, stunning natural surrounding scenic views and easy trails make it different from the other trails.

4. Fiery furnace trail

Fiery furnace trail
Fiery furnace trail

This trail is like a playground planted by nature. Its tracks pass from closed places. Often, you need to find out the way. The sunlight falls on the pinky rocks, creating an amazing scenic view. Every turn of this trail attracts us to discover something new. Finding out about this trail will give you something special, something unique, thin, and more beautiful.

 Basic information

Trail length: 3.4 km Loop

Elevation gain: 150 m

Difficulty: Moderate

Pets: Not Allowed

Get Directions

Features: Hiking | Views | Wildlife | Rocky Scramble | Off trail | No shade | Fee | No dogs

Who can hike on the Fiery Furnace trail?

This trail is famous for the challenging hikers. Its difficulty level is moderate, so it’s recommended for experienced hikers. It’s not recommended for children and families.

What is unique about the trail?

This arch is famous for its narrow hiking ways, creating a maze environment for the hikers. This area is dotted with many arch windows created by the water and air pressure over thousands of years.

5. Landscape Arch trail

Landscape Arch trail
Landscape Arch trail

This arch is a beautiful, iconic sign of nature in Arches National Park. It is famous for its fantastic length and delicate structure. The thin design of this arch captivates visitors and hikers. The people feel that it is spread in the sky. With time, some parts are destroyed but look beautiful, so it is not allowed to pass under this arch. But people can still see it from a distance.

Basic information

Length: 3.1 km Out & back

Elevation gain: 77 m

Difficulty: Easy

Pets: Not allowed

Est. Time: 49 min

Get Directions

Features: Kid friendly | Hiking | Walking | Partially paved | Views | Wildflowers | Fee

Who can hike on this trail?

This trail is accessible for all who want to come with families and kids. Its trail length is easy and favorable for easy-hike lovers.

What is unique in landscape trails?

This arch includes the most extended hooks in the world. Its extraordinary and delicate structures amaze the people. During this hike, you can see the different areas of the surroundings, which are filled with desert plants and beautiful rock formation structures.

6. Balanced Rock Trails

Balanced Rock Trails
Balanced Rock Trails

This arch is situated a long distance from the main road. However, this arch is mainly known for its balanced geological features. It is one of the best places for visitors for an easy hiking experience. It’s most favorable for photographers and attracts visitors for its specific location and scenic views. You will see the children walking around its stunning trail.

Basic information

Length: 1.1 km

Elevation gain: 128 m

Difficulty: Easy

Hiking time:  30 minutes

Get Directions

Features: Dogs on leash | Hiking | Rock climbing | Views | Wildlife | Rocky Scramble

Who can hike on this trail?

 This hike is straightforward for everyone. Even children can easily hike this trail. It can be accessible for every type of hiking experience. Even an average person can walk in just 10 to 20 minutes.

It is the most accessible trail in Arches National Park.

What is unique about this trail?

The name of this arch is the most prominent feature. It is a massive sandstone rock formation at 128 feet in height. It is an easily accessible short trail for families and people of different health and fitness levels. In its surroundings, the rocks present a beautiful and glorious scene view.

7. Double arch trails

Double arch trails
Double arch trails

The window arch trail is located in the window section, commonly called the Heart of the Arches National Park. This area is entirely of arches. North windows, double arches, mostly arches, and many incredible arches are found in 2 square miles. Other names include Garden of Eden and Elephant Parade, which are also located nearby.

The double arch in the area of the window section is an unbelievable and fantastic formation. A double arch consists of two arches; that’s why it’s called a double arch.

Basic information

Length: 1.0 km

Elevation gain: 29 m

Difficulty: easy

Time for hike: 16 min minutes

Pets: not allowed

Get Directions

Features: Wheelchair friendly | Kid friendly | Stroller friendly | Hiking | Walking | Views | Wildflowers | Wildlife | No shade | Fee 

Who can hike on this trail?

This trail is an open trail for people of all’s easy to access for everyone. You can hike on this trail with your family, friends, and kids. For a little extra effort, it can be made accessible for wheelchairs.

Something special in this arch trail

This unique double arch formation makes it different from the other arches. It presents a glorious and fabulous look for natural lovers, photographers, and visitors. When the sunlight falls on its sticky pinky rocks, it gives a fantastic look to the viewers.

TrailLengthElevation gainDifficultyHiking time
Delicate Arch5.1 km192 mModerate1 h 35 min
Avenue Park2.9 km91 measy50 min
Broken Arch2.7 km51 mEasy51 m
Fiery Furnace3.4 km150 mModerateNA
Landscape Arch3.1 km77 mEasy49 min
Balanced Rock1.1 km128 mEasy30 minutes
Double Arch1.0 km29 measy16 min

The most important things you should never miss in Arches National Park

Unique geological formation

Due to its unique geological formation, this park is known as one of the best hiking places for visitors. So when you go there, take advantage of every part of this park.

Natural beauty

This park’s Red rock formation makes it a wonderful place to see hundreds of arches, deserts, and unbelievable scenic views. Try to explore all the beautiful locations of this park.

Outdoor activities

This park provides many outdoor activities like hiking, photography, climbing, scenic drives, stargazing, camping, wildlife observations, and ranger programs. So take part in these activities during the visit.

Iconic landmark

You should also never miss the Delicate Arch trails, which are the landmarks for the state of Utah. This arch is located in a National park.

Facilities available in the park

  • Restrooms are available in Arches National Park.
  • Toilets: toilets are available with restrooms.
  • Visitors’ Center: This center will provide information, maps, and a general guide.
  • Dog parks: Some areas are specially designed for dogs to hike and socialize off-leash.
  • Marking paths: trails are marked to explore the park.
  • Concession Stands: Also available to provide snacks, drinks, and rental equipment.
  • Sports center: such as tennis courts, basketball, and soccer fields.

7 Tips for hiking in Arches National Park

1. Plane your route

Make a proper plan to visit this place and plan your method according to your ease of access.

2. Check the weather conditions

Before visiting, check the weather updates so you may not be disturbed during this journey.

3. Stay hydrated

You must bring water according to your plan for one, two, or three days.

4. Respect nature

Respect nature in the park, like animals, plants, and arches, and do not try to hit characters.

 5. Know your limits.

You need to know your physical abilities and health. Keep physical fitness before visiting.

6. Dress properly

It would help if you had a proper dressing in both seasons. Select the appropriate dress according to weather conditions.

7. Avoid heat

Bring a hat and glass screening to avoid heat conditions.

As a citizen, your responsibilities

  • Keep the park clean from the trash.
  • Co-operate with the team of the park.
  • Don’t make noise in the park.
  • Do not disturb others during the hike.
  • Respect everyone in the park.
  • Respect the culture.
  • Try to educate yourself and follow the instructions.
  • Ensure the safety of the park, animals, and plants.

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John Smith

John Smith

John has been an avid hiker for over ten years and has explored some of the most challenging trails across the USA. He has completed multiple long-distance hikes, including the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails. John is also a certified hiking guide, leading several hiking trips for groups of all ages and skill levels.

John Smith

John Smith

John has been an avid hiker for over ten years and has explored some of the most challenging trails across the USA. He has completed multiple long-distance hikes, including the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails. John is also a certified hiking guide, leading several hiking trips for groups of all ages and skill levels.

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