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Welcome, outdoor enthusiasts! Hiking Horizon is your guide to epic adventure on trails across America. Whether you want to conquer new peaks with friends, wander wooded paths with your four-legged companion, or find the most scenic vistas for your next nature photoshoot, you’ve come to the right place.

As passionate hikers who have crisscrossed this great country on foot, we know firsthand what makes a truly memorable hike. From the rocky ridges of the Appalachians to the volcanic slopes of the Cascades and everything in between, we’ll point you towards peak experiences with expert hiking tips, trail reviews for all ability levels, and guides to hiking responsibly with dogs.

Join our hiking community to level up your outdoor skills, discover bucket-list-worthy trails, and plan your next backcountry trek. America’s majestic peaks and forests are calling! Let Hiking Horizon lead the way to your best adventure yet.

Here is a brief introduction of what you will get while surfing with us.

Hiking Tips

The Hiking Tips section offers practical advice to help you maximize your time on the trails. Get recommendations on gear, like choosing the right hiking shoes and socks to avoid blisters or picking a durable backpack that evenly distributes weight. Learn techniques for conserving energy so you can log more miles, whether it’s proper trekking pole usage for steep inclines or smart pacing.

You’ll also find tips on nutrition and hydration to fuel successful hikes, including the best high-protein snacks to pack and when to schedule eating breaks. The Hiking Tips category also covers safety, like checking trail conditions beforehand and what essentials no hiker should have in their first aid kit.

From packing efficiently to watching your footing, our trekking tips aim to make your hikes more pleasant regardless of season or terrain. Browse the articles to gain knowledge that can transform and empower your outdoor adventures.

Get trail-tested secrets to hike smarter, prevent injuries, and increase mileage from our Hiking Tips cheat sheet.

Hiking Gear

Having reliable hiking gear makes all the difference in trail comfort and safety. Don’t get left behind on the path with faulty equipment or unnecessary clutter in your pack. Hiking Horizon has tested and reviewed all the latest essentials so you can upgrade your hiking experience.

Discover the top-rated packs that mountaineers depend on for multi-day expeditions and weekend warriors choose for superior back support. Discover our editors’ picks for hard-wearing hiking shoes engineered to keep up with your most ambitious peak-bagging pursuits. Learn what tech accessories can track your backcountry exploits in detail so you have proof of your latest accomplishments.

Let us help you rethink your hiking kit from the hiking poles up. Getting seasoned advice on gear means heading out prepared and confident for outdoor escapes near or far. Don’t amass lackluster equipment from trial and error when our seasoned team has recommendations that will serve outdoor enthusiasts of every skill level. We’ll have you understand precisely what separates hiking gear that works from gear that leaves you wanting on the trail.

Equip yourself with the ultimate hiking gear handpicked by experts to take on any terrain – find our favorites in Hiking Gear.

Hiking With Dogs

Bringing your four-legged friend along on hikes opens up a whole new world of adventure. When planned right, hitting the trails together creates an unforgettable bonding experience and keeps your pup fit and stimulated. However, managing a dog’s needs in the backcountry does require extra preparation and precaution.

At Hiking Horizon, we empower you to adventure safely with your canine companion. Learn how to gauge trail difficulty based on breeds to set realistic mileage goals. Discover gear that streamlines bringing food and water for mid-hike fueling stops. Get tips on positive reinforcement training to master the basics, like recall, before scenic distractions enter the picture.

Hiking with dogs can transform outdoor time for pet owners, whether that’s by having a built-in hiking buddy, capturing more playtime together, or seeing sights rarely accessible on conventional dog walks. Our guides break down the ins and outs so you can leap confidently into dog-friendly hiking adventures, achieving rewards for you both during quality time in nature.

Make your next trail adventure even more fun for you and your furry friend by checking out our top tips in Hiking With Dogs!

Best Hikes

What does your ultimate adventure Wishlist include? Conquering a towering summit after a lung-burning incline? Stumbling upon a hidden waterfall oasis fringed by emerald forest? Catching a fiery sunset that illuminates the landscape in otherworldly hues of orange and pink?

The curated trails in our Best Hikes guide deliver these special moments and more across America the Beautiful. Get insider intel on dazzling hikes favored by local nature lovers instead of tourist traps. Discover routes well-matched to different skill levels, so newbies and veteran trekkers alike can challenge themselves in spectacular settings.

Whether you want to escape the crowds of national parks or create an epic outdoor #nofilter Instagram photo album, the gems in our Best Hikes collection check every box. Let us point you towards trails guaranteed to stay stamped in your memory long after your boots are off, spurring stories you can’t wait to tell.

Discover our curated list of the top treks in the country, from scenic day hikes to epic backcountry adventures, in Best Hikes!

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